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The good folks over at Luma Arcade were hired a while back to work on a cool iPhone game for InstantAction, and the result is (nearly) here: a puzzle platformer called Flipt. It is, in my humble opinion, an awesome sophistication of the gameplay mechanics made famous by Shift and […]

Flipt: coming soon

Unreal modders have probably been paying attention to recent news concerning the oh-so-fresh and oh-so-free Unreal dev kit. Now would be a prudent time to promote some Unreal mods, yes? The Prometheus team definitely thought so, and have announced that version 4.0 of the game is available for download. It’s […]

Unreal mod: Prometheus 4.0 released

A few days ago, I spotted a report on explaining how Symantec decided to flag IGF entrant Lose/Lose as a Trojan Horse. As The Internet would put it: “Ha ha ha, oh wow!” To Symantec’s credit, they have a good reason: Lose/Lose showed up on the news circuits a […]

IGF entrant marked as virus by Symantec

It appears that we are all doomed to drown under a tsunami of zany offers this season, so grab your life jacket and brace yourself for the news that Rock, Paper, Shotgun and about a million other Websites have been spurting out recently: there now exists an Unreal dev kit […]

Unreal Dev kit now free

I’ve heard a fair amount of news related to Gratuitous Space Battles, a game which pretty much sums itself up in the title. GSB is a strategic space combat simulator (and I use the term “simulator” loosely since, you know, it’s really just all kinds of gratuitous) which has you […]

Gratuitous Space Battles released

Hey look, another cool Gamasutra feature! This time, it’s about rapid game prototyping, or more particularly, how a bunch of grad students managed to make more than 50 games in one semester. This particular piece about the merits of creating stuff quickly is brought to you by the folks at […]

How to prototype a game in 7 days

Okay, let’s play a little game of catch-up. I didn’t post anything yesterday, and I apparently forgot that last Friday existed. So let’s get the big news of the week outta the way: over 300 IGF entries have now been confirmed for the 2010 comp. Yowzers, that’s a lot of […]

IGF 2010 entrants announced

So I might be a little late with this given that the day’s nearly over – well, it is here, at least, but Tale of Tales are Belgian, so that’ll buy you an extra hour over our Seffrican time. But what am I late for anyway, and what am I […]

The Graveyard free today

Holy crap, it really seems to be the season for indie specials and giveaways. First we had the pay-what-you-want special for World of Goo, then the giveaway announcement for Unity3D’s Indie package. Now we hear that Lugaru, the ninja bunny brawler from the good old chaps at Wolfire, is going […]

Lugaru 75% off

Oh boy, Unity’s servers must be veritably clogged right now. Earlier today, Rock, Paper, Shotgun discovered that the Unity Indie package is being given away for free. Considering how the product used to be a not-so-dismissable $200, this offer is pretty damn significant for indie enthusiasts cursed with shallow pockets. […]

Unity3D … now free!