Editorial Team

  • Editor: Herman Tulleken
  • Deputy Editor: Julian Pritchard
  • Copy Editor: Jacques Jurgens
  • Copy Editor: James Etherington-Smith
Hall of Fame

The giants on whose shoulders Dev.Mag was built:

  • Stuart Botma (Editor March 2006 – December 2006)
  • Rodain Joubert (Editor January 2007 – June 2008)
  • Claudio de Sa (Editor July 2008 – 2010)


A game development magazine featuring tutorials and game development insight. Created by South African game developers and hobbyists.
Ricky Abell is a software developer for an online casino gaming company. When he's not being mocked for using the web browser Opera, he can be found playing obscure Nintendo DS games. His goto music for coding is a tie between DragonForce and Anamanaguchi. [Articles]
de la Rouviere
Simon de la Rouviere likes exploring different worlds, destroying alien creatures, solving fiendishly difficult puzzles and befriending anthropomorphic objects. He also likes to play games. [Articles]
Danny Day still enjoys telling people he's a game designer far too
much. He has yet to apologise for accidentally staring Game.Dev all
those years ago (some believe he never will) and currently runs QCF
in the hope of producing awesome games that you'll enjoy playing. Don't talk to him about education systems, procedural generation or games as art if you value your time. [Articles]
Van Wyk
Van Wyk Louw is more than just a man. He is half-man, half-amazing, half-witted and half-baked. If you're worried that four halves do not make a whole, the answer is that it adds layers. Like an onion, or an ogre. VanWyk is also half-ogre.

Chris Dudley disappeared without a trace... If any one knows what happened to him, please let us know. We really need his bio.

de Sa
Code cruncher, word wrangler, gamer and hobby designer, Claudio likes to crush zombies, shoot zombies, slash zombies, and otherwise effect the lamentable lynching of the less-than-living legions. When his time isn't dominated by dealing with the deceased, he'll be experimenting with crazy game ideas, or be otherwise crafting things. [Articles]
Rodain Joubert is a South African game developer based in Cape Town, currently working for QCF Design. He likes his job. He likes being opinionated on the Internet. He likes fighting evil with his heat ray vision. And he also likes cats. [Articles]
Gazza_N is jack of all trades, master
of none, and needs to find first gear in his giant robot car. [Articles]
Quinton is a designer and random rambler that really likes referring
to himself in the third person. That should make you wonder: is it
Quinton writing this, or perhaps some objective third party? You will
never know. In unrelated news: Quinton is awesome and attractive and everyone wants to marry him. Facts.
By day, Jacques is a multimedia consultant, whose specialities include usability, interface design, and training. By night, he is the language guru that strikes terror in the hearts of the Dev.Mag writers and its poor editor.
James Etherington-Smith - gamer, journalist, caffeine addict. By day he operates on the editorial staff of MyGaming, by night he unleashes mighty retribution upon the nefarious forces that conspire against us all (those noobs aren't going to pwn themselves). [Articles]
Herman Tulleken is a game developer co-founder of Plinq. He thinks computers are a necessary evil to make games, and sees frying a CPU or two in the process as a worthy sacrifice.
The zombie of the team, edg3 is kept in dark rooms (much like engine coders) most of the time, just to keep up with the social norm. He constantly takes up projects that are too big for him, in the hopes that, one day, zombies will be recognised as people! [Articles]
Megan Hughes, a psychology student, occasional writer and one time companion cube maker, is really just making it all up as she goes along. With a tendency to make fan-games and having recently taken a special interest in board- and card- game design and play, she's a quirky contributor that we like to keep around. Her blog isn't half-bad either. [Articles]
Dave Russell got into programming to make games, but unfortunately, got distracted along the way. Currently he is "just" a hobbyist focusing on game design while working for Microsoft as Technology Evangelist. His favourite games of all time are Syndicate, Starcon 2, and XCOM. "Mmmmm Gammeeess Gooood!"
Diorgo Jonkers has been working in the computer game industry since 2001, mostly making mobile games. Companies include I-Imagine, Smallfry mobile and Luma Arcade. Currently he works as a freelance Unity3D game programmer. Projects include the mobile version of Bounty Arms for Open-Reset.
Jarrod Swartz is a freelance game programmer based in Cape Town. He specializes in game engine programming and enjoys learning anything related to game development. He has a passion for open source software and is always willing to share his knowledge with the world. [Articles]
Julian likes wandering around Luma Arcade. He is normally found breaking games, and trying to make them better. Otherwise Julian studies computer science, reads and writes, plays guitar, and enjoys coming up with game ideas that he doesn't have enough time to finish.
Bobby Anguelov holds a BSc CS, BSc CS (hon), and MSc CS. He then taught graphics programming at the University of Pretoria. He currently works as a game programmer at IO Interactive (Hitman, Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch) in Denmark. He at one stage worked in enterprise software, which he hated.
Hau Yoon
Born an Asian stereotype, Jonathan emerged from the womb with an abacus in one hand and a textbook in the other. After completing a BSC, his heart kicked him in the face and put him through two-thirds of an art degree before he left with a diploma to work in game development. He currently works as a game art generalist and technical artist at Luma Arcade, but also makes art for indie games on the side. His heart is now happy. And his bank account will be too, one day!
Jonathan is a psychologist turned game developer turned game tool developer. He co-founded Plinq that makes tools and software for game developers, specific to the game logic components of games.
Felipe Salinas is a Chilean video game composer and sound designer, he studied musical production in "Universidad tecnológica de Chile INACAP". The last year of his career, he dedicated to investigate the Latin American video game industry and its musical and audio production for his university thesis. He’s currently working as a music and audio consultant in a publisher, and working to grow and professionalize the Chilean video game music.