Unity3D … now free!

News Unity3D ... now free!Oh boy, Unity’s servers must be veritably clogged right now. Earlier today, Rock, Paper, Shotgun discovered that the Unity Indie package is being given away for free. Considering how the product used to be a not-so-dismissable $200, this offer is pretty damn significant for indie enthusiasts cursed with shallow pockets.

The Pro edition still stands at its original price tag of $1500, but the new offer means that hobbyists and casual users can now poke about with the tool and explore its power without incurring any financial risk. It’s a great opportunity for anybody to grab a very high-profile tool and do some wonderful stuff with it.

And, well … that pretty much sums up this news report, I suppose. Read the RPS post for more juicy flavour text, then head on over to Unity’s Website to get this super smexy product for yourself!