Gratuitous Space Battles released

News Gratuitous Space Battles releasedI’ve heard a fair amount of news related to Gratuitous Space Battles, a game which pretty much sums itself up in the title. GSB is a strategic space combat simulator (and I use the term “simulator” loosely since, you know, it’s really just all kinds of gratuitous) which has you decking out ships, managing fleets and — woo! — blowing the crap out of everything that gets in your way with great explosive gusto.

Now it has been released and is going for a smooth US$22.99. There’s also a demo available for the good ol’ try-before-you-buy types among us.

I really like the ethos of this game (gratuity, duh) and the visuals look pretty top-notch too. I’m going to assume that Mr DukeOFPrunes has already grabbed either the demo or the whole damn thing to screw around with, since he’s considerably upped his usual amount of excited carpet-widdling ever since the announcement this morning. Expect a review soon.