Lugaru 75% off

News Lugaru 75% offHoly crap, it really seems to be the season for indie specials and giveaways. First we had the pay-what-you-want special for World of Goo, then the giveaway announcement for Unity3D’s Indie package. Now we hear that Lugaru, the ninja bunny brawler from the good old chaps at Wolfire, is going for a quarter of its normal price via Direct2Drive.

Readers may remember us singing Lugaru’s praises a little while back, and our opinion hasn’t changed since then. Get it! Get it! Get it! It’s a damn challenging game, but if you aren’t the easily intimidated type, you’re in for a close-combat fighter that relies on good old timing and skill rather than fancy combos and relentless button-mashing. Really has a way of making a player feel alive. At least, as long as said player isn’t getting relentlessly slaughtered. But hey, with great challenge comes great achievement!

Lugaru is currently pinned at $4.95, and the offer lasts until 4 November. It’s sitting pretty over here.