Flipt: coming soon

News Flipt: coming soonThe good folks over at Luma Arcade were hired a while back to work on a cool iPhone game for InstantAction, and the result is (nearly) here: a puzzle platformer called Flipt. It is, in my humble opinion, an awesome sophistication of the gameplay mechanics made famous by Shift and others, and I’m rather vicariously proud of it because — woop woop! — it’s a bit of fresh South African produce.

The game is due for release in two weeks, but an awesome teaser trailer has just been released to whet iPhone users’ appetites:

I may just be biased, but I really think that this is a shoe-in for anybody looking for some spatial fun on the iPhone. Luma have kept me in the development loop for a while now, and I even got a nice hands-on preview of the final product during rAge this year. Being a fan of Shift, I was absolutely delighted with the results. It also makes very effective use of the iPhones accelerometer to streamline the experience.

Luma haven’t yet updated their site with the game’s announcement, but there’s a writeup on AppAddict for those interested in more details.