Unreal mod: Prometheus 4.0 released

News Unreal mod: Prometheus 4.0 releasedUnreal modders have probably been paying attention to recent news concerning the oh-so-fresh and oh-so-free Unreal dev kit. Now would be a prudent time to promote some Unreal mods, yes? The Prometheus team definitely thought so, and have announced that version 4.0 of the game is available for download. It’s a free product, and if you’re one of those people taking a swing at the UDK … well, you don’t even need to own an original Unreal game to play it.

Prometheus earned second place overall in this year’s Make Something Unreal competition, and is based on the “multiple instance time travel” trend which has already served as a successful basis for Flash games like Chronotron and Cursor*10. Work with past and future versions of yourself in a 3D “single player co-op” setting to overcome your challenges and claim glory!

Details and downloads are on the FilePlanet page. Try it out if you fancy, and leave a comment with your thoughts.