Mo’Minis GameCast #2

News MoThe guys over at Mo’Minis, creators of mobile development platform Mo’Minis Studio, have recently announced the start of their new two-phase GameCast #2 competition. Like its first incarnation, GameCast #2’s theme also revolves around exploiting common gimmicks – and they once again present a slew of suggestions – and offers a whole horde of prizes as motivation. The only twist is that you have to do it three times; three twists on the same gimmick, or three gimmicks linked by a common theme – it’s up to you.

So, if you’ve got an idea of a gimmick you want to turn on its head or a plan for something you could play on your cellphone while you turn yourself on your head1, you have until the 31st of January next year to go and grab Mo’Minis Studio and submit your games. There’s a wad of 4-thousand Ameri-monies waiting for you if you win, plus all that fame and glory stuff.


1 This makes most mobile games better. Believe it.