How to prototype a game in 7 days

News How to prototype a game in 7 daysHey look, another cool Gamasutra feature! This time, it’s about rapid game prototyping, or more particularly, how a bunch of grad students managed to make more than 50 games in one semester.

This particular piece about the merits of creating stuff quickly is brought to you by the folks at the Experimental Gameplay Project, alma mater of Kyle Gabler’s World of Goo and many awesome game prototypes.

I like the focus of this article because it deals mostly with the oldschool Experimental Gameplay and all of the stuff that happened before the crew became really really big and trendy and stuff. Not to say that they weren’t high-profile before, you know. But I’d imagine that the most educational value could be gleaned from learning what they were up to as early as 2005.

While on the subject, anybody interested should check out this month’s Experimental Gameplay competition theme, centred around the phrase “Art Game”.