IGF 2010 entrants announced

News IGF 2010 entrants announcedOkay, let’s play a little game of catch-up. I didn’t post anything yesterday, and I apparently forgot that last Friday existed. So let’s get the big news of the week outta the way: over 300 IGF entries have now been confirmed for the 2010 comp. Yowzers, that’s a lot of games for the judges to work through!

As usual, it’s a mixed bag of interesting stuff. Looking through the first page alone, I picked out stuff like Captain Forever, Aaaaa!, ASCIIpOrtal and even Experimental Gameplay entrant Broken Brothers.

Heck, they even have a game which I was quite startled to recognise: 78641, a project that’s often hyped up by the Esperanto-speaking community because, well, it’s in Esperanto. The IGF version is in English though, with some rather humorous mistranslations in the description that almost seem to be there on purpose.

Moral of the story: Esperanto’s a neat language. And I can speak a bit of it too, so that makes me a pretty cool guy.