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The Forum that Could

Not every origin story involves radioactive spiders, murdered parents or babies sent from planets with silly names. Sometimes a single idea, an offhand conversation or an innocent post on a forum can find a life of its own. Let’s throw a party. Let’s start a band. Let’s make a game. Like a snowball tossed down the side of a mountain, these ideas can gather speed and strength. And over time, that one little idea becomes something that makes people sit up, notice, and occasionally get a face full of snow.

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The truth about institutions

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 4, released in July 2006

So, off to a tertiary institution? Studying for your future? Excited about the opportunities in professional game-making that your studies will present? Well, know now that there’s another side to going to university, something that’s overlooked by a lot of students. You’re going to be surrounded by tons of interesting people while you’re studying, and if you don’t use that time to make contacts and learn about things “not in your field”, you’re missing a big opportunity to get ahead as a game creator.

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