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Everybody knows of Tim Schafer for his contributions to stuff like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. And he’s big in the news nowadays because everyone’s gotten their metal horns and amplifiers all tuned up in anticipation for Brutal Legend. I count myself among those mindless hordes, of course. Who can […]

Schafer shares sorrows

I spent some time yesterday playing around with Higher!, a charming Flash game which has you trying to lift a house with balloons. “Definitely worth a mention in Dev.Mag,” I thought. “I’m totally going to be the first person on the Internet to talk about this. Everybody will love me […]


I feel like I’m begging to get my ass kicked by Valve for showing off all of these distinctly unofficial fan games, but if they can take a Guard Dog “fan update” in stride, then maybe — just maybe — the humble Comp 23 entrants won’t get torn apart by […]

Comp 23: L4D card game

For me, game AI is interesting not in the way that one must make it smart (though this is, undoubtedly, a godlike feat at times), but in the way that one must make it convincing. I like to call this “stupidity coding”. With that in mind, I found this column […]

The computer cheats!

Chippit recently posted an announcement about Game.Dev’s Comp 23 (which, in Internet time, might as well have been years ago). The competition is focused on how well an entrant’s game gets marketed, rather than focusing on the game itself: an idea which some may well raise their eyebrows at, but […]

Comp 23: TF2 Goldrush

It is truly my greatest regret (at least in game development terms) that I’m a little too far removed from the first world to attend some of the awesome game development conferences that keep cropping up. The 2009 GDC Austin serves as a prime example of what I’m missing out […]

GDC Austin: Wolfire and Fez

The oft-discussed Xbox Live Indie Games platform has been through its fair share of growing pains, but this GamerBytes report seems to indicate a recent improvement in game sales. Which is nice, of course. Apparently a quick name change, new pricing models and a fresh community rating system are precisely […]

Indie game sales boosted on Xbox

So. Fez. No, not the hat; it’s that Paper-Mario-but-not, 3D-but-2D platformer with voxels. Um, I mean trixels. Yes, the one that won the Excellence in Visual Art award in last year’s IGF. Everyone’s waiting for it, and 2010 can’t come any sooner for XBLA customers who want to get their […]

Two years of trixels

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation. And, of course, with any widespread concept there are those who will twist such concepts into different contexts, such as is the case with Six Degrees of Wikipedia. Similarly, there’s somebody who is going to try and […]


A while back, our very own Danny “dislekcia” Day appeared on a local gaming TV show to talk about Game.Dev and what we do; in the process, both Xbox titles to have come from our community were featured on the show. Just recently, we’ve discovered a recording of said show, […]

Game.Dev on TV