Indie game sales boosted on Xbox

News Indie game sales boosted on XboxThe oft-discussed Xbox Live Indie Games platform has been through its fair share of growing pains, but this GamerBytes report seems to indicate a recent improvement in game sales. Which is nice, of course.

Apparently a quick name change, new pricing models and a fresh community rating system are precisely the measures needed to boost sales — good news for anybody still eyeing the platform for their next commercial project.

GamerBytes has a lot of graphs and anecdotal evidence to support this claim, and apparently it’s the rating system in particular that serves as the magic bullet: demoralised indies are finding less apps and more actual games making it onto the top picks list (no more rumble massagers!) and have had theirs spirits lifted accordingly. Or something like that.

GamerBytes suggests that people who have played Xbox indie games in the past should go back and rate the stuff that they’ve tried out. I think this is a damn fine suggestion myself: people need better feedback and support for these games, especially so that onlookers can better sift through the muck to find the real goodies.

So go and support the troops by throwing your opinion into the marketplace mix. It’s the right thing to do and stuff.