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Cortex Command

Now in development for roughly eight years, Cortex Command is already quite a familiar feature in the mindscape of many gamers. It is a hard one to ignore with its colourful graphics, spiffy tunes and very surprising chaotic outbursts – for example, your heavily armoured heavy-weapons supersoldier may well be disarmed by a lowly unfinished skeletal clone’s lucky pistol shot, a level of detail displayed by very few other games. And these are no random events: the game’s impressive physics engine ensures that everything exists as matter that can influence its surroundings, right down to gore, spent ammo clips and empty bullet caps.

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Nandrew: Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you our second Dev.Mag Collaborative Review Thing™, partially because the first one was so fun and mostly because Rock, Paper, Shotgun have not yet sued us for stealing their idea.

Chippit: … and because the Wolfire guys were nice enough to unexpectedly drop a copy of Lugaru in our inboxes. Lugaru being, of course, the predecessor of Wolfire’s current project, Overgrowth.

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