Comp 23: L4D card game

News Comp 23: L4D card gameI feel like I’m begging to get my ass kicked by Valve for showing off all of these distinctly unofficial fan games, but if they can take a Guard Dog “fan update” in stride, then maybe — just maybe — the humble Comp 23 entrants won’t get torn apart by Saxton Hale.

Of course, being killed in such a way is probably one of the manliest ways for someone to go, so it’s pretty win-win.

Anyway, on to the subject of this post: community member Fengol has made himself an awesome little card game inspired by Left 4 Dead and is now proceeding to punt it all around the Internet. At least, I’m hoping he is: it’s for a marketing competition after all.

From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s quite the entertaining game with a pretty tight ruleset, and although it’s still technically undergoing revisions, there’s a fully playable version that you can print out and have a go at with your friends.

I’m personally looking forward to trying this one out at rAge in a few weeks: my printer access is limited and I’m really hankering for a shot. Especially since everybody else who has tried it seems to be enjoying it immensely.

As mentioned before, keep an eye out for more marketing comp highlights from Game.Dev within the next few weeks. And don’t be shy about commenting: devs like feedback, as long as you’re not spamming them with pictures of naughty bits.