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There have been many games that would have ended up on the “games that kicked my ass”-pile if I hadn’t taken to keeping a notepad beside my grubby keyboard. After spending a fair number of hours on them, and even aided by walkthroughs, many old point-n-click adventure games and interactive fiction titles would often leave me struggling to remember what to do next after loading up an earlier saved game.

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6 Days a Sacrifice review

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 21, released in April 2008.

One hundred and ninety six years ago, cat burglar Trilby escaped the horrors of DeFoe Manor, only to discover an even greater danger. One hundred and ninety six years from now, an unwitting starship crew will stumble upon a remnant of his attempts to avert that danger. And now, at the exact midpoint between those two events, a hero will rise. Yea, for Theodore DeCabe, Municipal Inspector extraordinaire, is going to tell the leaders of that fad religion exactly what his employers think of their constructing building extensions without a permit!

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7 Days a Skeptic

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 20, released in February 2008.

It’s a quiet day in the Caracus Galaxy. The starship Mephistopheles sullies forth across the sea of stars, its six-person skeleton crew boldly scouting what no six-person skeleton crew has scouted before. Of course (being a horror game and all), trouble is inevitable for the intrepid crew, and it comes their way in the form of a nondescript metal box floating innocently through the void…

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5 Days a Stranger

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 20, released in February 2008

5 Days a Stranger is a freeware point-and-click adventure game developed by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. “Yahtzee” has a become a bit of an internet star lately with his weekly video reviews, Zero Punctuation, where he gives a funny and sarcastic view on the game he reviews that week. It is a great surprise to many to find out that he also makes. 5 Days a Stranger is such a game.

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