Schafer shares sorrows

News Schafer shares sorrowsEverybody knows of Tim Schafer for his contributions to stuff like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. And he’s big in the news nowadays because everyone’s gotten their metal horns and amplifiers all tuned up in anticipation for Brutal Legend. I count myself among those mindless hordes, of course. Who can say no to an unholy combination of music and video games, the game with a good splash of Sacrifice in its multiplayer? Of course you can’t!

Now, when Schafer’s not out supervising while Jack Black makes silly noises into a microphone, or writing (and starring in) satirical little Flash adventure games, he’s writing about his past. And quite a colourful past it was; can you believe he signed up to work for Hewlett-Packard? What a loss that would’ve been. Good thing, then, that they turned him down and he decided to send this ridiculous cover letter to LucasArts (then LucasFilm Games).

Go on and get your full history lesson now over here, and realise that everyone starts at the same place. Even Schafer, whom everyone knows. Odd, then, that nobody ever played Psychonauts.