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So a little while back — less than 3 weeks, actually; these guys work fast – we mentioned Zombie Cow Studios’ plans to Go Episodic. Well, two interesting pieces of news have surfaced since then. Firstly, you can expect Ben There Dan That Episode 1 – otherwise known as Revenge […]

Time, Gentlemen, for more from Ben and Dan

This is probably the nicest read I’ve come across all week, so it’s time to share. recently published a feature called Practical Tips for Independent Game Development which chronicles the important design lessons learned by indie developers Riverman Media. The article is detailed, well-written and quite surprising at times […]

Practical tips for indie devs

I recently wrote a piece on NAG Online evangelising the use of flixel for Flash developers. I think that Canabalt is a lovely case in point. This game has recently been doing the online rounds, so I thought I’d mention it too. It’s a single-button jumper effort which strips away […]


Hot on the heels of the previous results comes a brand new competition with a totally new whacky theme. Well, not so whacky when you consider how much we love talking about the final and oft ignored facet to game development: the bit that happens after you’re done – okay, […]

Get the Word Out!

The headline says it all, really. Derek Yu’s fantastic roguelike/platformer/puzzle/devilishly difficult game Spelunky is finally, and officially, out of beta. And it’s still free. Better yet, expect to see Spelunky HD (well, Yu — or should I say Mossmouth? — is probably more creative than I am, so chances are […]

Spelunky is heading to your Xbox!