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Holy crap, it really seems to be the season for indie specials and giveaways. First we had the pay-what-you-want special for World of Goo, then the giveaway announcement for Unity3D’s Indie package. Now we hear that Lugaru, the ninja bunny brawler from the good old chaps at Wolfire, is going […]

Lugaru 75% off

Oh boy, Unity’s servers must be veritably clogged right now. Earlier today, Rock, Paper, Shotgun discovered that the Unity Indie package is being given away for free. Considering how the product used to be a not-so-dismissable $200, this offer is pretty damn significant for indie enthusiasts cursed with shallow pockets. […]

Unity3D … now free!

Over at NAG Online, I’ve written one or two pieces that concern themselves with game modding and the like. I’ll be the first to admit that modding isn’t my strongest point — or an aspect of game development which I have a particularly vested interest in — but I do […]

Is Modding Useful?

I think I’ve mentioned before how delightfully interesting TIGSource manages to make its game development competitions. Oh, sure, you could go for one of those stock-standard phrase-themed compos that all the other kids are going for, but why keep yourself trapped inside that box when you can think in terms […]

Asemblee competition starts

So here’s a little something to kickstart your weekend and brighten your day. Edmund Mcmillen, a delightfully twisted gentleman who should probably never be allowed near children, was recently allowed near children. One of them happened to be a grizzled, stern-faced game reviewer called Acacia, and it was her job […]

3-year-old versus Super Meat Boy

Yes, this news is probably a bit old by now, and avid Kotaku readers will probably have looked at it already, but I saw this article on the Xbox rumble massage apps receiving some link love on GameSetWatch and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to investigate. Titled “The Xbox Massage-Makers: […]

Notorious XBIG massagers: the devs speak!

So, Machinarium has recently hit the market and journalistic smarties everywhere have yet another opportunity to remind the world that the adventure genre is not rotting in an unmarked grave somewhere on Dr Fred Edison’s creepy estate. Guhhh. Proud declarations of point-n-click adventuring’s astounding non-deadness are becoming something of a […]

Point-n-click is aliiiiive!

That’s nearly sixty-thousand sales. In a week. All those fancy numbers mathemagically work out to almost $100 000 earned (minus whatever Paypal decides to keep for itself), all for a year-old game. This is, of course, not counting the boosted sales the game also saw on Steam, simply because people […]

Where’s our profanity pack, 2D Boy?

As I lay in bed this weekend, sweating and snotting from some sort of sickness (hey, alliteration!), I was pleased to see IndieGames shaking things up with a crossword puzzle focused on independent games. Cor blimey, I’ve never seen one of these before! There’s not much to say about it […]

Indie game crossword