Asemblee competition starts

News Asemblee competition startsI think I’ve mentioned before how delightfully interesting TIGSource manages to make its game development competitions. Oh, sure, you could go for one of those stock-standard phrase-themed compos that all the other kids are going for, but why keep yourself trapped inside that box when you can think in terms of the new Assemblee comp?

Assemblee comes in two month-long parts: first, it gathers a bunch of artists and musicians to generate content — any content — for potential videogames of kickass awesomeness. After said month of art and music creation, entrants are rated on the quality of their creations and the relay baton is passed on to programmers and designers, whose job involves looking at these resources and trying to devise a game from them. No edits, no external material: just whatever they can do with the given material in-game.

It’s an interesting competition premise, and as with any interesting competition should attract some pretty interesting entries. If you’re a musician or artist, your job starts now. If you’re a programmer or designer, head on over and keep tabs on the stuff getting created: you’ll be asked to start your work in a little under a month’s time.

Good luck to everybody taking part, this looks like good fun!