3-year-old versus Super Meat Boy

News 3-year-old versus Super Meat BoySo here’s a little something to kickstart your weekend and brighten your day. Edmund Mcmillen, a delightfully twisted gentleman who should probably never be allowed near children, was recently allowed near children. One of them happened to be a grizzled, stern-faced game reviewer called Acacia, and it was her job to analyse and evaluate Super Meat Boy.

But seriously? This YouTube vid shows how a totally smart and totally cute 3-year-old ends up playing an awesome game, while making some totally smart and totally cute comments in the process. As a whole, the video is best described as “adorably disturbing”. Remember, kids: Super Meat Boy will cause deadly spikes to haunt your nightmares. Or something like that.

Just watching this video makes me pretty amped to try SMB myself. It also highlights the value of using toddlers in game marketing efforts.

Ahh, magical!