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We mentioned Machinarium about a year ago when we covered it in our IGF roundup. The game was nominated – and eventually went on to win – the $2500 for Excellence in Visual Art, which isn’t hard to believe when you see the hand-drawn detail that was crafted into every […]

Notepad game design

Today, I was fiddling about with Gregory Weir’s Exploit, and while it’s not absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing in the gameplay category, it turns out to have a pretty interesting story. I suppose I pretty much expect that from Mr Weir by now, since writing seems to be an important part of […]


This may be poor form on my part, but after a game has received a certain quota of attention for a certain period of time, I get tired of posting news about it. I mean, seriously: taking into account the veritable tsunami of games assaulting the battered shores of The […]

World of Goo: pay whatever

If you’re looking for a cool little platformer to play around with, try out Cave Chaos from Nitrome. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what sort of creature your protagonist is, but I’m reasonably confident about calling it some sort of rodent. And for whatever reason, this particular rodent […]

Try this: Cave Chaos

So: yesterday I skipped out on the Internet. That’s right. Instead of being a responsible online citizen, I decided that I’d spend all that time designing a DnD campaign with a friend instead. And hey, once you get started on one of those buggers, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll […]

Dungeons, Dragons and Design

It seems like this is the week of competitions. — creators of Grappling Hook, the game that’s been doing the rounds these past 2 or 3 weeks — have launched their own competition to promote their swinging, hooking puzzler.This one starts with the game demo, where you must find […]

Win a free copy of Grappling Hook

Oh wow, this bugger is cute. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be wowed by the simplistic goodness of Runman: Race Around the World. I meant to pick it up last week when, like, the entire Internet was gawking at it, but then rAge happened and, well … yeah, I’m late. […]

Runman: Race Around the World

Righto, so before we actually do the big rAge report proper (where we’ll go into all sorts of delightful detail about the weird stuff we got up to during the expo), I’m taking the liberty of mentioning one or two snippets here and there, mostly because I find them amusing. […]

rAge report: the morning after

Because pretty much the whole Dev.Mag crew was over at rAge for the entire weekend, things were a bit quiet over in the virtual office so we returned to a veritable deluge of fan mail (obviously) and people telling us how awesome we are. Amidst all that, the fine folks […]

World Train Royale launches with a competition

So, we’re at the halfway point of the 2009 rAge expo. Not exactly the halfway point, mind you, but it’s difficult to divide 3 days into two equal pieces unless you’re willing to abandon the world of integers and descend into the murky realms of *shudder* real numbers. The bunch […]

rAge report numero uno

“Explore the galaxy … in 20 minutes or less!” If you’ve not yet played Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (or at least its sequel, Weird Worlds), then shame on you. You’re a terrible human being and you deserve to be confined to the Little Corner of Humiliation for the rest […]

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space: now free!

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 26, released in October 2006. Compared to most other game development competitions, Game.Dev’s fondly-named “Comps” have always stood out on one particular front: each new incarnation has always set out to challenge, direct and develop entrants within the field of game development. Instead […]

The Game.Dev Comps – Part 1