Point-n-click is aliiiiive!

News Point-n-click is aliiiiive!So, Machinarium has recently hit the market and journalistic smarties everywhere have yet another opportunity to remind the world that the adventure genre is not rotting in an unmarked grave somewhere on Dr Fred Edison’s creepy estate. Guhhh. Proud declarations of point-n-click adventuring’s astounding non-deadness are becoming something of a cliché in my books, but I suppose there’s people out there who still don’t realise this, so screw it.

In this regard, Boing Boing have themselves a nice and colourful article detailing modern adventure revival, and since I seem to be drawn to these things like a dim-witted insect to a flamethrower, I thought I’d mention the piece here. It chats a bit about the usual suspects (such as the Ben and Dan series from Zombie Cow), but also throws in delightful reminders of fun experiences such as Host Master and the Conquest of Humour.

As an aside: I’ve yet to play Machinarium, but hopefully that’ll change in the near future. The Samorost games were really cool, and I don’t see why this offering should break that precedent.