Indie game crossword

News Indie game crosswordAs I lay in bed this weekend, sweating and snotting from some sort of sickness (hey, alliteration!), I was pleased to see IndieGames shaking things up with a crossword puzzle focused on independent games. Cor blimey, I’ve never seen one of these before!

There’s not much to say about it (it’s a crossword) but it’s really novel to have one aimed at this section of the gaming market. As a result, it’s pretty fun to do — especially if you decide to compete with your friends. So yeah: try it out, and if you ever feel the need to admit defeat (or check on your solution), the answers can be found here.

It’s yet to be seen whether or not Michael Rose will hold to his fortnightly crossword promise, but this one is pretty fun if you’re a fan of independent games (which you most likely are) and happen to enjoy crossword puzzles too.

I promise that I’ll post some more news when my head feels less like jelly.