Where’s our profanity pack, 2D Boy?

News WhereSo, last week 2D Boy let you pay whatever you want for World of Goo. And, being 2D Boy, when all the dust had settled and their server had stopped being “too stressed out”, they posted their sales figures. And they look like this:


That’s nearly sixty-thousand sales. In a week.

All those fancy numbers mathemagically work out to almost $100 000 earned (minus whatever Paypal decides to keep for itself), all for a year-old game. This is, of course, not counting the boosted sales the game also saw on Steam, simply because people were once again reminded of its existence.

The good lads over at RPS have a wonderful piece full of dollar signs and numbers and other confusing things, offering their insights as to what can be learned from all this.

What do I have to say about all this? “Where’s our profanity pack, 2D Boy? YOU PWOMISED!”