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A little birdie has just perched on our shoulder. That little birdie has said, “Hey, dude, like, Trino is totally available for a sweet download on Xbox Live Community Games now for 400 Microsoft Points.” We do not know where this bird came from, how it’s able to talk or […]

Trino on Community Games

Recently, a handful of games portals have begun programs that will allow game developers to have a share of their advertising revenue, offering developers a new way to make money off their, otherwise free, games. This practice has already become fairly widespread in the Flash world; the ease of implementing […]

Money from free games?

Are you ready to hit the big bad world of game development, start up your own studio, hit that killer idea and rake in all the cash? Oh dear. Dr. Lewis Pulsipher is about to explain a few things to you on Game Career Guide piece entitled Student Illusions About […]

Dispelling the illusion

From time to time, the Wolfire blog throws out something particularly interesting. In this case, it’s a discourse about non-player characters … and how to make players form an emotional connection to them. The Dev.Mag crew is rather divided on this matter, of course. While some of us are deep, […]

NPC: bring the care-face

Well, judging for Ludum Dare 14 is finally over. This 48-hour game development competition (awesomely themed “Advancing Wall of Doom”) enjoyed a record-breaking 123 entries this time around, with a lot of high-quality entries on display. The overall winner was Mind Wall, a spatial puzzlers where you have to knock […]

Ludum Dare 14 results

You remember playing Rogue, right? Of course you do. It’s one of those ubiquitous classics that everybody has gone through at some point or another, no matter how indirectly. Trying to say that you haven’t experienced Rogue is like trying to say that you’ve never played Tower Defense, but happen […]

Read: History of Rogue

The almighty scryers from Gamasutra have deemed our very own feature on the local development environment worthy of their front page! The piece, following the exploits of South African game developers over time, was reposted on Gamasutra in response (sorta) to a similar piece by Joshua Dallman. Much to our […]

Dev.Mag content makes it big

Have you ever been to the Game Developers Conference? Well, we haven’t, but we’re going to hide in a corner and blame it on third-worldliness or something. But for those who haven’t had the opportunity to go this year, there’s a little text adventure over on GameSetWatch which offers a […]

GDC text adventure!