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Tiga, a UK trade organisation that represents all game developers, from published to indie, plans to team up with distance learning institution Train2Game in order to provide independent input on course content and examinations, as well as ultimately award diplomas to graduating students. Train2Game’s courses are “designed by the industry […]

Train2Game %2B Tiga = weighty qualification?

Hey, remember that time we told you about the release of Marble Blast Mobile? Gee whiz, it only seems like last week! Now for your reading pleasure is a post-mortem on the process of delivering a product that was formerly on platforms like the PC and Xbox Live to the […]

Marble Blast Mobile postmortem

Nostalgic readers can once again rest easy. All 29 old PDF issues are once again available for download from our reworked archive page. We’ll continue to rehost chosen articles on the website, but the downloadable files will once again be available for anyone to grab and consume at their leisure, […]

PDFs return

Game Poetry is a nice place. It doesn’t update as often as we’d like, but makes up for this with quality writing that is often quite useful. This time, the subject is Best Practices with Version Control, a follow-up piece to their earlier introduction to the Subversion control system. While […]

Game Poetry: Version control

Anybody remember the original Marble Blast? It’s a game that has become synonomous with the rise of GarageGames – you know, that industrious little group responsible for cool stuff like the Torque engine and the Great Games Experiment. Now they’re selling Marble Blast Mobile, an iPhone version of their classic […]

Marble Blast Mobile released

Nandrew: Right, so, here we are with a review of Trino. Made by a bunch of guys that call themselvesTrinoTeam. Let’s kick off by mentioning that we’re going to try a new review scheme for this particular game. Chippit: Yeah, something different for the guys who were nice enough to toss […]


Bigpoint GmbH, video game developer and host of their eponymous games portal with 30 games and an alleged 64 million user base which had, up until recently, listed only first party games, is now opening its proverbial doors to external developers. The inception of their DevLounge will allow any developer […]

Bigpoint sharpens developer base

Since we never pass up an opportunity to blab about how cool we are (you don’t start up an online magazine if you’re not already a bunch of attention-craving little gits), we’re giving you a little heads-up: South Africans should be able to catch us on tonight’s airing of The […]

Dev.Mag on GO

Most simple arcade games earn a few playthroughs here and there, but we were thoroughly charmed by Constellation Chaos, a humble title with simple graphics and only a few precious gameplay elements which nonetheless managed to mercilessly attack and slaughter a good half hour of our lives before we realised […]

Another play: Constellation Chaos

We stumbled across this cute browser offering on the wonderful Web thing today. Ric Rococo: International Art Thief sounds a bit like a cheap knockoff of a certain other indie game that we’re thinking about (and the gameplay isn’t nearly as deep), but on the other hand … well, it’s […]

Play: Arty Thefty Thingie