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Righto, here’s a humble little offering from Nekogames that can test your thinking and reflexes on a lazy Sunday afternoon: Cat Gets 100 Stars is about as simple as it sounds, with the player controlling a cat which, for some reason, needs to find 100 stars inside a small room. […]

Sunday gaming: Cat Gets 100 Stars

Beware, indies. If you don’t behave, eat all of your veggies or pay careful attention to remarkably contrived IP complaints, then Kotaku says that the Tim Langdell monster will come to take you away. We were kinda shocked by the news that Mobigames’ iPhone title, EDGE, was taken off the […]

Living on the EDGE

Over on Gamezebo, Plants vs Zombies creator George Fan gets a good ol’ chatting-to. Now, we know that some indies out there dislike the idea of a heartless bugger of a casual game getting all the limelight over innovative and blood/sweat/tear offerings from lonely basement coders, but a cool game […]

Plants vs Zombies interview

2D Boy has released some nicely-trimmed source code for the rapid game prototyping framework they used to create World of Goo. Awesome? Awesome. Like any good rapid framework thingie, 2D Boy’s offering focuses on two things: (1) minimising the code overhead for a new game and (2) providing all the […]

2D Boy game framework released

Okay, quick post today because we’re lazy and tired. That, and a gigantic electro-bird has just make a gigantic poop on our Internet’s fancy new jacket. Go figure. Ever wondered what made old platformers great? One would expect new game developers to successfully identify and capitalise on the strong points […]

Old platforming fun

We found this stray wandering around the TIGForums and decided to take it home with us. The Triumph of Time is a realtime puzzle/strategy game thing set in space, with antimatter steadily encroaching upon your solar system and trying to devour all that you know and love. The premise sounds […]

The triumph of time

Something new comes out of Game.Dev today – well okay, no, it’s not really new, we know, but it’s still important. Dev.Mag writer Nandrew takes an old promising prototype and expands on it, reworking the control scheme and making even more devious puzzles to solve. If it was ever uncertain […]

New Game.Dev prototype…

Aside from Luma’s awesome Marble Blast Mobile release last week (which we’ll keep yammering about until the light finally dies in our eyes – go go impartial journalism!), we haven’t had much to report on from an ever-so-South-African context, so it’s nice when we see more local stuff being kicked […]

BSP rendering in XNA‘s been holding fancy game design challenges (one or two of which we may have mentioned in past issues) for quite some time now, each challenging inchoate Molyneuxs to flex their design muscles and create something special. The newest incarnation is no exception, with its relevant topic and somewhat interesting […]

New Game Design Challenge

The embers of the original Zeno Clash game are barely cold in the fireplace and we’ve already caught wind of a second game to rekindle the flames. That’s right, Zeno Clash 2 is apparently on its way, this time promising a bigger game world, more expositions and something about RPG […]

Zeno Clash 2 announced