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Glum Buster

Glum Buster is a special game, in more ways than one. The core gameplay mechanic might be simple enough – a side scrolling platformer with puzzle elements – but the presentation of the game and the world of Glum is where the magic lies. The game utilises the concept of “charityware” – a certain percentage of donations to the developer will make their way to a charitable cause. Glum Buster developer Justin “CosMind” Leingang has chosen the worthy cause of the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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Trilby: Art of Theft

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 22, released in June 2008.

Trilby: Art of Theft is a stealth-platform game created by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw using Adventure Game Studio. Yes, you read correctly – a platformer made in an engine designed for adventure games. As the title not-so-subtly suggests, Art of Theft stars Chzo Mythos protagonist Trilby. So what’s he up to this time? Puzzling his way through haunted houses? Uncovering the secrets of reality-shifting hotels? Well, no. In this game he’s doing exactly what got him his reputation to start with – cat burgling.

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Sitting down with Derek Yu’s latest creation, I had some pretty high expectations. After all, we’re talking about the guy behind stuff like Aquaria, I’m O.K. and TIGSource. I’m happy to say that I didn’t walk away disappointed. In fact, it was difficult for me to walk away at all.

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This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 28, released in January 2009

Here goes: if one were to attempt classification, Iji could be described as a “Nonlinear Action RPG Platformer”. It borrows thematic and gameplay elements from System Shock and Deus Ex, marries them with tactical platformer gunplay a la Blackthorne, and presents it all using the same basic polygonal graphics that made Another World so visually distinctive.

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