rAge report: the morning after

News rAge report: the morning afterRighto, so before we actually do the big rAge report proper (where we’ll go into all sorts of delightful detail about the weird stuff we got up to during the expo), I’m taking the liberty of mentioning one or two snippets here and there, mostly because I find them amusing.

First of all, we’re still kinda waiting on most of the photos to be uploaded (in the meantime, we have to make do with a snap or two of people fighting over dammit’s home-made plushie Companion Cube), but it’s nice to see that Game.Dev featured on the NAG Online rAge gallery, even if only in passing. Gazza and I were impeccably dressed the entire weekend, which I take personal pride in despite the fact that all of half a dozen viewers will be able to figure out who is who from the photos provided.

Among the games profiled this weekend on our Gigantic Screen of Awesome(TM) were cool indies such as Spelunky and Splosion Man, alongside local offerings like SpaceHack and my own OOTEZ (tell yer friends).

We were also treated to an impressive real-life look-see at the Worms boardgame that two of our members had created. I can’t find any photos off the cuff, but we’ll be sure to show it off once we have visuals: it’s a very cool set that’s been crafted with a great deal of love, and several playthroughs were enjoyed on Sunday.

For now, I’m doing my best to brace for an overnight bus trip back to home base, followed by an inevitable game of catch-up as I sift through e-mails, RSS and the hugs and kisses of adoring fans. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening on the Internet right now, and I fully plan on putting it on these pages at the first possible opportunity.

For those of you who nearly went to rAge this year, but didn’t: you missed out. Come along in 2010!