Strange Adventures in Infinite Space: now free!

News Strange Adventures in Infinite Space: now free!“Explore the galaxy … in 20 minutes or less!” If you’ve not yet played Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (or at least its sequel, Weird Worlds), then shame on you. You’re a terrible human being and you deserve to be confined to the Little Corner of Humiliation for the rest of eternity.

There is, however, still hope for the philistines out there. Digital Eel have recently announced that SAIS is being given away for FREE. And that’s as in beer. No time-based promo, no strings attached. You really have nothing to lose, so you should just go ahead and try it out. Come along now, we don’t have all day. The entire galaxy awaits!

Via GameSetWatch, the ultimate source of everything Digital-Eel-free-download-related.