News ExploitToday, I was fiddling about with Gregory Weir’s Exploit, and while it’s not absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing in the gameplay category, it turns out to have a pretty interesting story. I suppose I pretty much expect that from Mr Weir by now, since writing seems to be an important part of what he does — especially when he throws it in as a core concept for games like Silent Conversation.

Narrative ramblings aside, Exploit puts you in the shoes/sandals/whatevers of a young, hip computer hacker who decides to take government policy, freedom, democracy and The American Way into his own hands by breaking open various networks and seeing how they tick. This is achieved by clicking on orange “ports” in the correct order to fire “packets”. I’m going to call them “guns” and “bullets” respectively, just because I can. When a bullet enters the grid, it gets affected by various obstacles: some duplicate the bullet and send it along different paths, while others destroy the bullet or unlock new grid features.

It’s a bit finicky at times, but if you’re looking for an entertaining tale laced with reasonably head-scratchy moments from time to time, consider having a go at the story mode and let us know what you think. It’s not the newest game in the world, but it’s pretty fun anyway.