World of Goo: pay whatever

News World of Goo: pay whateverThis may be poor form on my part, but after a game has received a certain quota of attention for a certain period of time, I get tired of posting news about it. I mean, seriously: taking into account the veritable tsunami of games assaulting the battered shores of The Gaming Audience, I have better things to do with my time on the soapbox than, say, linking to David Hellman’s Braid sprite pack.

Oh, wait, there I’ve gone and done it. Crap.

Anyway, to the point of this post: various sites are reporting a week-long special on the brilliant ol’ World of Goo: namely, you get to pick your price for this hot title if you decide to buy it over the next few days. And by “pick your price”, we’re talking about any extreme that you fancy. Offer up a single penny, or a millionty-billionty bucks. It’s your call.

I’m personally interested in seeing how this “honour system” works out. It’s not technically donationware (you have to pay something, if I understand correctly), but I imagine that the financial figures would be pretty similar. And by that, I mean a bunch of philanthropic indie gaming high-rollers will be rubbing shoulders with a flood of new buyers punching in the minimum amount for their purchase.

Of course, I could be pretty damn wrong. My friends tell me that I’m not good with money. Hopefully 2D Boy will feel like sharing the results of this interesting promotion once it’s done and dusted.

Oh, and the aforementioned Braid sprite pack is pretty nice, for those who are interested. I didn’t mention it for nothing.