We resume regular broadcasting … but only after this weekend

News We resume regular broadcasting ... but only after this weekendOkay, so our overseas audience may not be terribly impressed by this news, but South Africans will be interested in knowing that the bunch of us have packed up our bags and merrily skipped off to the annual rAge expo for the weekend. I’m about as excited as a hamster in a cabbage factory. Except the cabbages aren’t cabbages, they’re crystal meth.

Although there are the sacrifices that I have to deal with — think having an incredibly crappy Internet connection this whole week because I’ve been holed up in Gauteng since Monday — I’m still looking forward to the flashing lights, the big meet ‘n greets, the boothbabes, the overpriced food and, of course, the presence of the one and only Brütal Legend. Apparently a full version an’ everything — gotta love those umlauts (UPDATE: I’m talking rubbish, turned out to be just a demo version. Rumour mill and my own overexcitement combined to bring y’all this epic failure).

Anyway. Hopefully we’ll be doing some news posts on rAge over the next few days (if we wanna be fancy about it, we’ll call it “live reporting”). Hopefully the chaos of the past week or so will settle down after that, and we’ll get back into routine.

For now: buh-bye, and hopefully we’ll catch some of the readers on the showfloor over these next three days. Game.Dev is knocking around on the main showfloor of the dome, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot us. If all else fails, know that we’re near the food court — because we have our priorities pretty much sorted that way.