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Although I admittedly don’t have the time to look at every single blog post that comes out of Gamasutra (I’m far too busy saving the world), I make a point of scanning the weekly expert blogs roundup to see what the editors have deemed to be the best and most […]

Gamasutra Expert blogs

When Pigs Fly. Everybody and their dog seems to be playing this game at the moment, so I decided to give it a shot this morning. Developed by Anna Anthropy (aka. dessgeega, aka. auntie pixelante, aka. “space invader, game creatrix, pixelbitch, and dot-matrix dominatrix”), this game gives you a pig. […]

When pigs fly

So maybe you’re a gun nut. Or maybe not. Personally, I’ve never fired anything more high-powered than a paintball rifle, but the good folks at Wolfire have just become full-blown firearms wizards after shooting it up at their local firing range. On the blog, they make an in-depth comparison between […]

Games vs Life: Handguns

Seriously, somebody just give this guy a freaking medal already. James Portnow is one of those darling industry people who regularly and uncontrollably spouts nice big essays of complete sense and logic for the rest of humankind to benefit from. I’ve always been a little bit peeved about uptight developers […]

The Casual / Core War

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Python: it’s a really fun, easy-to-use language that literally brings joy to the coding process, and I’ve yet to run into a programmer who actively dislikes it. Heck, even if you’re not into “pure” Python, it tends to be incredibly […]

Python and Roguelikes

The revamping of Xbox Live Community Games comes with more than just a new moniker, apparently. The most important new feature among those recently announced is the new pricing model: Instead of the old 800/400/200 MSP options that were previously available, options will now be remapped onto a new 400, […]

New Xbox Live Indie Games developments

At the time of going to print (man, I’ve always wanted to say that), Dev.Mag’s secret ninja investigation squad was able to confirm that gamers had approximately 15 hours left in which to download a free copy of ShellBlast from Game Giveaway of the Day. ShellBlast is a good ol’ […]

ShellBlast free weekend

My attention was recently brought to the beta of something called The Sims Carnival, an easy-to-use small games creator from the people who brought us, well, The Sims. The link to the original games seems tenuous at best (more like a chance to cash in on a brand name), but […]

Sims Carnival Game Creator

“The Behemoth is working on something new,” says the Big K. “Castle Crashers is coming to PS3,” says the horse’s mouth. “This is awesome,” says I. Lots of stuff is being said about the successful indie devs-with-humble-beginnings recently, and we all think it’s great because we get more cutesy, flashy […]

The Behemoth doing stuff!

The IndieGames Weblog has told me of this hot new Indie Game Challenge, a little something which will apparently afford indie developers the opportunity to get their games full-on published: or at least honoured with a $100 000 prize. Entrance ain’t free, folks — it’s $100 to secure your place […]

Indie Game Challenge