Games vs Life: Handguns

News Games vs Life: HandgunsSo maybe you’re a gun nut. Or maybe not. Personally, I’ve never fired anything more high-powered than a paintball rifle, but the good folks at Wolfire have just become full-blown firearms wizards after shooting it up at their local firing range.

On the blog, they make an in-depth comparison between firing a real-life weapon and snapping one off in a videogame, and while I’m not tempted to glorify any sort of in-the-flesh gunplay, I must admit that it was a fascinating read. Academic, even. Whether you’re a gun vet or not, it should give you a few things to mull over.

Ironically, their current project doesn’t really call for gunplay at all, but they did note that it’s a valuable experience for future games. Of course, this could just be an excuse for them to shoot at stuff for an afternoon. Works either way. Pew pew!