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There’s a biweekly column on GameSetWatch called Homer in Silicon — this little dose of gamely journalism usually explores stuff like narrative and storytelling in games. Looking at the latest offering, it has an eye-catching reference to the previously-reviewed Judith as well as an action-platformer called Don’t Look Back by […]

Narrative: Challenge and Complicity

Have you got a knack for making cool mobile stuff? It’s big locally, y’know, where every guy and his gardener has a cellphone. Nokia knows this, and has sponsored $125 000 to make it happen. They’ve challenged entrepreneurial devs to create a South African flavoured cellphone application (not limited to […]

Calling all innovators

I know that we already mentioned this competition a while back, but I think it bears another post now that it has actually started. After all, one has a tendency to mentally file these things away and forget about them if they haven’t yet come to pass. And it would […]

PGD Annual competition

Rock, Paper, Shotgun have been compiling daily ‘What Made Me’ features for the past week or so, detailing games the authors feel most influenced them. Initially including only the 4 RPS members’ thoughts, the feature series has extended to cover other big industry names. This, most recently, has included 2K […]

What made Levine

So, what have I been playing recently? Well, aside from loads and loads of Guitar Hero Aerosmith (judge me not!), this weekend saw me messing around with a brilliant little metagaming effort called Upgrade Complete. As the title implies, this game completely rips off the idea of using upgrades, money […]

Play: Upgrade Complete

I always keep a beady eye on Lost Garden. It doesn’t update all that often, unfortunately, but when it does, it’s always something worth reading. The latest update is no exception. DanC goes into fairly significant detail on why Flash may actually be the best platform to use to develop […]

Flash is the future …

Not every origin story involves radioactive spiders, murdered parents or babies sent from planets with silly names. Sometimes a single idea, an offhand conversation or an innocent post on a forum can find a life of its own. Let’s throw a party. Let’s start a band. Let’s make a game. […]

The Forum that Could

As advertised in GameSetWatch (and, let’s face it, just about any other publication under the Think Services umbrella), the 2010 Independent Games Festival is now open to game submissions: so if you’ve got something cool knocking around, you have until 1 November to polish it up and make it presentable […]

IGF submissions open

Have you heard of Experimental Gameplay? Well, you have now. Recently, it’s been a bit on the “not operational” side, but a quick trawl through the IndieGames blog has revealed that it’s up again and ready for some more action. I love the idea behind Experimental Games, and I love […]

Experimental Gameplay is back!

Okay, so I hate to treat the news like some sort of Classifieds section, but if there is one driving force that motivates me to cover something, it’s laziness. And when I have a neatly presented job description like this to copy and paste, you can bet I’ll be on […]

I-Imagine hiring iPhone devs

So I played this one back when we did our roundup of IGF finalists way back when. Well, the intriguing game has now joined the indie catalogues over at Steam, where it seems everything decent ends up. (LucasArts games, yay!) Anyway, if you were hesitant at picking up the game […]

Brainpipe out on Steam now!