When pigs fly

News When pigs flyWhen Pigs Fly. Everybody and their dog seems to be playing this game at the moment, so I decided to give it a shot this morning. Developed by Anna Anthropy (aka. dessgeega, aka. auntie pixelante, aka. “space invader, game creatrix, pixelbitch, and dot-matrix dominatrix”), this game gives you a pig. With wings. And obstacles that you need to negotiate without breaking said wings.

If you’ve ever played Balloon Fight before, it’ll actually give you a very good idea of how this game feels. Momentum and grace are the key to a cool experience and not dying quite as much. While the premise seems to be remarkably one-dimensional, my professional evaluation of it will probably stay in the neighbourhood of “dunnolol, it’s fun anywayz”.

It’s a fun exploration/momentum game with the added bonus of giving you a player rating at the end. Meaning, of course, that you can immediately show it to one of your friends and shout, “EETS AWN, BITCH!”

My final score was 149 “accidents” with a time of 19.51, in case anyone was wondering.