Mo’Minis comp results

News MoMo’Minis – which we’ve mentioned before in Issue 29 – is the fairly innovative mobile development platform that is looking to bring the simplicity of tools like Game Maker to the mobile arena. While it is currently still in beta and offers no way to deploy games to mobile devices just yet, after a competition whose results have just recently been published, the site’s already populated with a handful of games that run in an online emulator and serve as a preliminary example of the software’s capabilities. In fact, the winner of that competition walked away with a fancy new phone, a share of the revenue earned on online portals and a clean $2000 on top of that. Quite a neat prize for 3 months of work.

Not letting their current momentum go to waste, the Mo’minis crew have also kicked off another competition with more cash prize incentives. If ever mobile development interested you and you have a handful of hours to blow during the coming month, now is a good time to try out this dev system and have a chance to swell your wallet by a few hundred American cash-monies. Make a game exploiting a common “gimmick” in a fun way using Mo’minis Studio and submit it by 10 September to get yourself in the running for your share of the score of Benjamins that are up for grabs.