Python and Roguelikes

News Python and RoguelikesI’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Python: it’s a really fun, easy-to-use language that literally brings joy to the coding process, and I’ve yet to run into a programmer who actively dislikes it. Heck, even if you’re not into “pure” Python, it tends to be incredibly useful when thrown into the mixing pot with some raw C%2B%2B.

But before I waffle on any further, have a look at this little piece on GameSetWatch outlining one writer’s quest to create the ultimate Roguelike in Python and what exactly it taught him. The piece is mostly in programmer-nese and will thus be a little on the dry and technical side for some, but if you’re a Python enthusiast (or would just like an overview of the language’s strengths and weaknesses) then this is a treasure trove of game development info.

Am I a fanboy? Probably. Give us your own opinion on Python as a game development tool, if you fancy.