Sims Carnival Game Creator

News Sims Carnival Game CreatorMy attention was recently brought to the beta of something called The Sims Carnival, an easy-to-use small games creator from the people who brought us, well, The Sims.

The link to the original games seems tenuous at best (more like a chance to cash in on a brand name), but the creator really is rather intriguing. After having a look at the introductory video and playing around with the system a little bit, I’ve deduced that this is a lightweight — yet surprisingly detailed — crafting tool.

I don’t know if the average user is going to be satisfied with the potential this bugger offers, but it could be a good springboard for people who want to make games from the comfort of a familiar, Sims-like interface. Heck, one has to applaud the designers for cramming all of this game creation potential into a single-screen interface. It really simplifies things.