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After reading up on the latest XNA Creators Club Communiqué (because everything is better with fancy accented letters), it seems that gaming Website IGN is throwing in some weight to help profile and promote some of the better community games out there. The Xbox Live Community Games initiative has received […]

IGN promotes Xbox Community Games

So, we’ve been keeping a close watch on the recent TIGSource Cockpit Competition (the theme of which was, funnily enough, cockpits) and now the results have been somewhat unofficially released. Emerging as the winner is Enviro-Bear 2000. This is possibly one of the most stupid games in existence. And we […]

Cockpit Competition Closes

We’d admittedly never heard of Glum Buster until a few days ago when it was posted on the IndieGames blog as a freeware game pick. Even then, we didn’t pay overly much attention to it until it was reviewed on TIGSource as well, at which point we decided to get […]

Glum Buster

The recent economic recession, having mostly had little effect on the well-being of the video game industry, appears to be taking its toll. According to this article, the past few months have been turbulent waters for smaller companies that rely on private funding to survive. Private investors appear to […]

Funding for start-ups evaporating

Game.Dev Competition 21, one of the regular community competitions that have, on numerous occasions, led to the conception of far larger projects, finally has its outcome. Amidst the veritable oceans of second-rate and cookie-cutter games, this competition challenged community developers to “fix mobile gaming” by creating something truly tailored to […]

Mobile gaming “fixed”!

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 27, released in November 2008. Ultimate Quest is one of two Game.Dev DreamBuildPlay 2008 entries. It is an expansion of a ASCII-styled text adventure that was originally entered into a Game.Dev competition, polished and completed for Microsoft’s annual competition. The following is a […]

Ultimate Quest

(Originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 20, released in February 2008.) Perlin noise is the foundation of many procedural texture and modelling algorithms. It can be used to create marble, wood, clouds, fire, and height maps for terrain. It is also very useful for tiling grids to simulate organic regions, and […]

How to Use Perlin Noise in Your Games