Mobile gaming “fixed”!

News Mobile gaming "fixed"!Game.Dev Competition 21, one of the regular community competitions that have, on numerous occasions, led to the conception of far larger projects, finally has its outcome. Amidst the veritable oceans of second-rate and cookie-cutter games, this competition challenged community developers to “fix mobile gaming” by creating something truly tailored to the platform, and – most of all – something actually fun.

After much lengthy deliberation, the results are out:

1st Place: Code Attack – Jeronkey

Code Attack is ready to be built for a mobile device. The simple yet clever implementation of the number sequences to destroy asteroids is surprisingly addictive, the controls fit the mobile devices usage and the clear graphics are suitable for the small displays of the device. It’s a winner.

2nd Place: Grav Warp – Nandrew

Grav Warp’s technical brilliance is marred only by its staggering difficulty and lack of context or reward for completing a level. Extra polish in the form of a rewards system and some or other explanation for its purpose could very well make this The Unique Game for mobile platforms. Until then, it nets second.

3rd Place: Cow’s Quest – Agrajag

A deeper game than either of the other winners, this Boulder Dash clone has a strong interface that’s very well suited to mobile gaming. Its slower pace and bizarre physics keep it in third place.