Glum Buster

News Glum BusterWe’d admittedly never heard of Glum Buster until a few days ago when it was posted on the IndieGames blog as a freeware game pick. Even then, we didn’t pay overly much attention to it until it was reviewed on TIGSource as well, at which point we decided to get off our collective butts and investigate the cause of all this hoo-ha.

It’s a bit difficult to say much about Glum Buster without giving away too much – it’s a simplistic, surreal puzzle game with a heavy emphasis on exploration and … well, exploration. And figuring out how things work.

Oh, and the game is officially labelled as “charityware” – that is, if you send in money to show your appreciation of the product, the author swings that money (and a personal contribution) to a charity organisation.

Here’s the link if you missed it earlier.