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Gee, it seems like only a few days since we closed the lid on Ludum Dare 14. Oh wait, it was. In any case, Microsoft held a Game Camp this week and it came to a close yesterday. The competition was 48 hours long and had participants crafting some really […]

XNA Game Camp results

Amongst the Dev.Mag crew hide one or two fans of an awesome retro gaming Website that’s aptly known as Retro Remakes. Every now and again, this blog spurts out a little bit of 8-bit awesomeness that any gamer with a penchant for the classics can enjoy. Go ahead, have a […]

Website pick: Retro Remakes

Oh Gamasutra, what would we do without you? We’ve always found this place to be a pretty good source of postmortems (though its sister publication, Game Career Guide, tends to have a better focus on small-scale endeavours), and now it’s providing us with a reprint of a Game Developer article […]

Gamasutra offers mega postmortem!

Ace Team Software’s Zeno Clash – an eagerly-anticipated indie title rumoured to have first-person brawling that doesn’t totally suck – has just been released for digital download. Excited players everywhere are cracking their knuckles as we speak. We first mentioned Zeno Clash when rounding up the 2009 IGF finalists, where […]

Aaaaaaand Zeno Clash is here!

This past weekend, 121 brave souls entered the fourteenth Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition , in which participants had to design and build a fully-functional game in the space of only two days. The theme was “Advancing Wall of Doom”, a name which we gladly adorn with the […]

Ludum Dare 14 is over!

A look at GamerBytes has revealed to us that the Xbox Community Games platform may not be as deep in doo-doo as originally thought. A stats piece reveals some slightly more promising figures for recent game sales and a few success stories for people trying to use the Community Games […]

Revised Xbox Community Games stats

TIGSource has a habit of setting up some pretty interesting game development competitions which tend to yield equally interesting results. This time around, the theme was “cockpits” (yeah, we sniggered a little) and voting has just commenced to see which offering comes out on top. Of course, you don’t have […]

Feeling cocky at TIGSource

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 29, released in February 2009. Last month we covered some of the very basic ways of testing whether object A hits object B. But, while the techniques we covered could quite likely take you very far, you’ll inevitably encounter a time when they […]

Basic Collision Detection in 2D – Part 2

Game.Dev community member edg3 recently had the inspiring little notion to get something up known as the “Sharing Week”: a forum thread where everybody can post progress on whatever it is that they’re getting up to in the game development world. In Sharing Week, loads of ideas and cool little […]

Game.Dev Sharing Week

A recent post on the official XNA Creator’s Club blog revealed a host of interesting and useful XNA oriented tutorials. Most are from developer’s personal websites, and show tricks learned by people who’ve actively used XNA; this, of course, makes them a handy reference, particularly for people new to XNA […]

XNA Blog links to Game.Dev tutorials

The great discoverer of new indie games, TIGSource, brought this little graphical gem to our attention earlier. Scary Girl is a rather stunning looking platformer with some interesting takes on dialogue and NPC interaction. Despite the rather loose controls, it makes for a pretty good distraction if you have a […]

Eye-patched stubby armed tentacle girl

In a rather fascinating interview, Titan Studios’ Chris Millar talks about some aspects of gameplay that have been overlooked in all the controversy over Fat Princess. Apparently, the game is really about blowing up cartoonish enemies in really hilarious ways, while trying to avoid (as unlikely as that appears to […]

PSN’s Fat Princess isn’t just about the cake