Aaaaaaand Zeno Clash is here!

News Aaaaaaand Zeno Clash is here!Ace Team Software’s Zeno Clash – an eagerly-anticipated indie title rumoured to have first-person brawling that doesn’t totally suck – has just been released for digital download. Excited players everywhere are cracking their knuckles as we speak.

We first mentioned Zeno Clash when rounding up the 2009 IGF finalists, where we expressed our interest in its vibrant and colourful punk-fantasy world as well as the raw and satisfying close-combat experience that the marketing blurb promised. It’ll be interesting to see how the game is received by players, especially considering how ambitious this project is for an indie group to tackle.

Zeno Clash is now available via Steam and Direct2Drive.

… oh, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun has already reviewed it. They work helluva fast, don’t they?