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Let it be known that nobody can accuse us of talking about things without having done it first ourselves. Gazza_N, writer of – among other things – our series on creating 3D graphics in Game Maker, has recently released an updated prototype of his own Overseer Assault, now featuring multiplayer […]

Three dee!

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 28, released in January 2009. Almost every video game needs to respond to objects touching each other in some sense, a practice commonly known as collision detection. Whether it’s simply to prevent the player character from walking through the walls of your maze […]

Basic Collision Detection in 2D – Part 1

If you’re in for a bit of Flash goodness (and some delightful B-grade hilarity) check out Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar. It’s fun, short and possibly the most kickass thing you’ll come across all day. Ironically enough, it also stands as a fine example of how a […]


If you’ve not yet played Jonathan Blow‘s excellent time-travelling/twisting/bending/breaking puzzler, as of today your excuses have run out. The Xbox Live Arcade hit Braid is now available on a variety of PC gaming portals: Greenhouse was the first to snag it up, with Stardock’s Impulse service and Valve’s Steam following […]

Time-twisting goodness now on PC

A little birdie over on the Game.Dev forums has sniffed out a GDC slideshow entitled “Towards Perfect Pathfinding” by Dawn of War developers Relic. On top of that, he’s found a bunch of free source code that deals with A* pathfinding, also from Relic. Thanks a bunch, Relic! We’ll be […]

Warhammer dev code up for grabs

We stumbled across this cute little bugger yesterday. It’s a great example of what you can do to an otherwise simple game given the power of animation and personality. If you want an educated view about the significance of this Flash skit, have a gander at the Gamasutra blog post […]

Emotion. Animation. Stuff.

One of the recent projects on the Game.Dev forums is Squid’s attempt to meld the core concepts of Tower Defence and something-that’s-not-Tower-Defence to create a humble little offering known as Tower Defence Arcade. The controls could do with some adjustment (you’ll have to hit F1 for instructions, by the way), […]

New Game.Dev prototype spins tower defence

This year’s DreamBuildPlay challenge kicks off today.The competition now runs over 4 months instead of last year’s three, and offers an inflated $40 000 for the best Xbox 360 game submitted on or before 6 August. Regular readers will be aware that we’re strong proponents of this competition, with two […]

DreamBuildPlay 2009 starts today!

That’s right, the big secret is out. Dev.Mag’s home has undergone a rather drastic remodelling, and you’re looking right at it! Gone is the horrid old design, and in with a new, easy to navigate site. Tucked away into the archives go the old PDF magazines, the pages of which […]

New Dev.Mag website

Oh dear, what’s happened here? New site? No PDF-format magazines? Hyperlinks? Comments? The horror. Or is that progress? I’d like to lean towards the latter, but the few weeks of nearly dedicated effort that it took to achieve this result tends to force my opinion; I might be biased in this […]

The next step