Game.Dev Sharing Week

News Game.Dev Sharing WeekGame.Dev community member edg3 recently had the inspiring little notion to get something up known as the “Sharing Week”: a forum thread where everybody can post progress on whatever it is that they’re getting up to in the game development world. In Sharing Week, loads of ideas and cool little prototypes cluster about like tiny blobs of … well, something that’s awesome and blobby.

If you’re not up for oodles of long-winded rubbish and “lol” posts, edg3 provides a nice summary of the first Game.Dev Sharing Week in this blog post, accompanied by screenshots, partner threads and links to the games themselves. He’s also just established a thread dubbed “Sharing Week 2”.

… if you were lured to this news post with the promise of free cake, we’re sorry. It was, of course, a lie.