The next step 6

Oh dear, what’s happened here?

New site? No PDF-format magazines? Hyperlinks? Comments? The horror. Or is that progress? I’d like to lean towards the latter, but the few weeks of nearly dedicated effort that it took to achieve this result tends to force my opinion; I might be biased in this regard, of course. Feel free to judge for yourself and let us know.

Your scheduled programming hasn’t changed at all, though, so never fear. We’ve simply made it much, much easier for you to get to what you want. With links directly to articles instead of to pdf containers, the inherent closeness of related articles, and a much easier way for readers to communicate with us and with each other, I think the new site and its possibilities are a huge step forward for us and the magazine. It’s all still fresh and exciting, and we’re all quite proud of it.

Of course, it’s all still fresh, and that often means there will be teething issues. We’ll strive to work these out as they rear their ugly heads, so if you spot anything odd or out of the ordinary, make sure you fire off an email or leave a comment on this article and we’ll sort it out. We ask you to bear with us if any such things do occur while we fix it.

And that’s all the new, boring stuff out of the way, so go off and enjoy the things you came here for. We’ve got some great content this month, including another of our special review/interview pairs, and a piece detailing the exploits of two of our own community members who entered the Global Game Jam this year. Additionally, we’ve included some of our best old articles from the archives, and more of these will be added as time goes by.

Which means you’ve got lots to read, and, hopefully, enjoy. Go and do it.

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Code cruncher, word wrangler, gamer and hobby designer, Claudio likes to crush zombies, shoot zombies, slash zombies, and otherwise effect the lamentable lynching of the less-than-living legions. When his time isn't dominated by dealing with the deceased, he'll be experimenting with crazy game ideas, or be otherwise crafting things. [Articles]

6 thoughts on “The next step

  • Quinton

    I took a little bit of time and a little lots of work, but Chippit my friend, we did it, and it is beautiful ;_; ^5 damn proud!

  • Realmzmaster

    I like the web site layout and the ability to access any part of the magazine.. But, I also like the ability to take the entire issue with me in pdf format to read in the comfort of my easy chair or bed. Would it be possible to have the best of both worlds?

    • Chippit

      Indeed it will. The pdf magazines will still be produced from web content, though likely an a slightly looser schedule than before. Assuming, of course, you can consider what we had before tight, which may be stretching the definition a little.

  • WILL

    Where are the back issues? As nice as the new site is I’d love to have access to a PDF of the issue along with all the back issues that came before.

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