Time-twisting goodness now on PC

News Time-twisting goodness now on PCIf you’ve not yet played Jonathan Blow‘s excellent time-travelling/twisting/bending/breaking puzzler, as of today your excuses have run out. The Xbox Live Arcade hit Braid is now available on a variety of PC gaming portals: Greenhouse was the first to snag it up, with Stardock’s Impulse service and Valve’s Steam following suit soon after. While the latter service hasn’t activated their download yet, it’ll likely be available in less than a day.

And all that means you’re spoiled for choice. It’s $15 and a few hours for some of the most innovative gaming you’ll experience in a very long time. As worthy a trade-off as any.

There’s also also a demo available from Greenhouse, but we’re not going to link to the 120mb file since you totally don’t need to test this out first. You can take our word for it when we say it’s awesome.